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Emergency Rescue and Recovery of casualties (Non-Water) – 6150-55


Project Info

Project Description

This course delivers the necessary skills, knowledge and practical work for these professionals to act quickly in the event of an accident, use equipment effectively and gives candidates the tools necessary to maintain safety of all people involved within a rescue situation.

Although rescue of someone trapped in a confined space is often of the highest priority, it is important for rescue professionals to be protected in order to ensure they are not also affected by the same hazard that caused the accident in the first place. By attending this course candidates will learn about how to avoid these dangers and safely rescue those within the confined space without posing a risk to themselves.

Who should attend the course? 

This qualification is for those persons who are part of a dedicated rescue team. The event will cover all aspects of planning, strategy, communications and emergency evacuation of a casualty.

Objectives of the course

There are two single-unit qualifications available for both water and non-water occupations at this level, depending on the area you wish to specialise in:

Emergency rescue and recovery of casualties from confined spaces

What is included

Course Duration 4 days


Assessment will include a short answer question paper and a task based project which will require completion throughout the course


City and Guilds certification is valid for 3 years from date of issue.

The event will be practical and theoretical with a staged emergency recovery leading to an assessment of abilities, with a structured report in line with the water industry and emergency services.

All candidates should be medically fit and will have to sign to self-certificate this prior to starting the course. They must also be clean shaven or they will not be able to pass this course.

This course can only be taken if the candidate has already attained the 6150-03 High Risk qualification and is in receipt of a current certificate.

This qualification is normally undertaken by a full team and these events are run on a need basis. Please contact us to arrange a mutually convenient date.

Certification is valid for a period of three years if the candidate successfully passes.

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