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Awareness and Risk Assessment (Full Day)


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Project Description

Candidates, such as Managers, Supervisors, Engineers, who are responsible for controlling working in Confined Spaces or carrying out risk assessments prior to permitting entry into Confined spaces should take this course. The course is not suitable for those who have a need to enter / work in a Confined Space.


What’s included:

  • What is a confined space and what are the hazards
  • Confined spaces regulations 1997
  • Who is competent to carry out this Risk Assessment
  • Avoiding the need for Entry
  • Risk Assessments
  • Who is affected? What is the risk
  • Condition of the confined space
  • Previous contents, residues, contamination
  • Oxygen Deficiency, Physical Dimensions, Cleaning Chemicals
  • Sources of Ignition, Ingress of Substances
  • Safe Systems of Work including Permits to Work
  • Arrangements for Emergencies
  • Equipment required to enter a Confined Space
  • Arrangements for Emergencies
  • The Purpose/Examination/Testing of Gas Detection Equipment
  • The Purpose/Examination/Testing of Escape Breathing Apparatus
  • The Purpose/Examination/Testing of Ropes and Safety Harnesses
  • The Purpose/Examination/Testing of Tripods and Man Riding Winches
  • Personal Protective Equipment and Hygiene
  • Maintenance of Equipment
  • Ventilation and the avoidance of unsafe atmospheres
  • Manpower including Training Requirements
  • Communication and entry Procedures


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