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ABA Diamond Drilling & Coring Services

diamond drilling

The ABA Technical diamond drilling team are trained to Hilti standard to produce neat, clean holes through all types of reinforced concrete, brick and blockwork. We specialise in diamond drilling in confined spaces and high risk areas.

We offer the following services:


Diamond Core Drilling

ABA Technical are able to drill holes of almost every diameter to make openings for both plumbing, electrical and HVAC installations.

Core drilling is an efficient non vibratory way of forming holes and is best utilised where precise circular cuts are required. It is also environmentally friendly, accurate, cost effective and causes minimal structural damage.

Diamond Stitch Drilling

By drilling a series of holes which overlap each other, ABA Technical are able to cut any sized opening or shape through floors and walls of any thickness.

Stitch drilling is an effective method of removing concrete under controlled conditions. Using this method we can successfully cut openings through or removed many different structures from door openings in heavily reinforced bank vaults, lift shaft openings through tower block floor slabs, to simply reducing the length of pre-cast concrete beams.

Blind drilling

Most applications require the operator to drill completely through the material, however some applications require drilling a ‘blind’ hole that does not go completely through the material; ABA Technical also offer blind drilling services.

A blind hole can be drilled using a diamond saw style cutter by drilling partially through the material and then removing the core or plug. The core can usually be removed easily on smaller holes by slipping a small wedge down the drill slot and twisting. The core will break off near the bottom of the hole and can be removed. On larger holes, it may be necessary to break out the plug with a small percussion hammer drill.

Core Bit lifespan

The life span of all types of drill bits is affected by the hardness and abrasiveness of the material being drilled, the thickness of the material, plus the speed of the drill, the amount of pressure used and the use of adequate lubrication.

The hardness and abrasiveness of materials can vary significantly. Even materials which appear similar have varying degrees of hardness and abrasiveness. Each individual’s drill speed, pressure and amount of lubrication also varies significantly. As a result it is nearly impossible to estimate the life of a diamond bit accurately. Costs for drilling operations usually have the variable of bit wear added to the final invoice, taken prior to work commencing and at completion.

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