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Confined Space


ABA Technical offers an extensive range of confined space services throughout London, the South East and across England. These include:

  • Confined space training
  • Provision of trained confined space engineers to undertake work
  • Provision of support cover to third party workforces

Working in confined spaces might involve a utilities tunnel, the inside of a storage tank, culverts or small underground electrical chambers. Confined space entry presents special hazards to workers, including the risks of toxic or asphyxiating gas accumulation, fires, falls, flooding, and entrapment. Certain sites may be classified as permit-required confined spaces depending on the nature and severity of the hazard.

In addition to the hazards posed by the design of the space, work activities undertaken can also pose serious safety hazards (heat, noise, vapours, etc.) that must be taken into account when identifying safety measures that must be taken.

All our confined space services are City & Guilds compliant, and our engineers are individually trained to the Thames Water, City & Guilds Accredited Standard. In addition to this, our engineers are first aid trained and all accompanying equipment is certified for safe operation in a confined space environment.